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A former Brazilian footballer, Eric Goes is best known for his impressive right-back skills.

As the father of Rodrygo Goes, a talented young footballer currently playing for Real Madrid and Brazil’s national team, Eric’s legacy extends beyond his playing career.

With a career spanning over a decade, Eric has made a lasting impact on football. His influence continues to be felt through his work as a football agent and his support for his family.


  • Full name: Eric Batista de Goes
  • Date of birth: July 23, 1984
  • Age: [calculate_years datestring=”07/23/1984″] years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of birth: Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Profession: Former footballer, current football agent
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Parents: N/A
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Spouse: Denise Goes
  • Children: Rodrygo Goes (son) and Ana Julya (daughter)
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Net worth: $5 million

Early Life and Education

Eric Goes, currently [calculate_years datestring=”07/23/1984″], was born on July 23, 1984, in Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil. He grew up in a football-loving family and began playing at a young age.

Eric developed his skills and eventually became a professional footballer, playing as a right-back for several clubs in Brazil.

Though not publicly disclosed, Eric’s parents played a significant role in nurturing his love for football, and his siblings, also not publicly disclosed, likely shared in his passion for the sport.

Personal Life

Eric is married to Denise Goes, and they have two children together, Rodrygo Goes and Ana Julya. His family life has been relatively private, with occasional appearances at high-profile events.

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Eric’s personal life has been focused on supporting his family and nurturing his children’s interests in football.

His son, Rodrygo Goes, has followed in his father’s footsteps and become a talented young footballer in his own right. He currently plays for Real Madrid and Brazil’s national team.


Eric played as a right-back for several clubs in Brazil before retiring and becoming a football agent. He represents his son Rodrygo Goes and other footballers, using his knowledge and experience to guide their careers.

Eric’s career has been about his ability to navigate the challenges of the sports business world while maintaining a supportive role in his family.

He played for several clubs in Brazil, honing his skills and building a reputation as a talented and hardworking player.

After retiring from football, Eric transitioned into a career as a football agent, using his knowledge and experience to guide the careers of other footballers.

As a football agent, Eric has been instrumental in shaping the careers of several talented young players, including his son Rodrygo Goes.

He has likely used his knowledge of the sports business world to negotiate contracts and secure lucrative deals for his clients.

Net Worth

Eric Batista de Goes’ net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, largely due to his football career and current work as a football agent.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @ericgoes
  • Twitter: @ericgoes

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