Born August 22, 1985, Alexander Bauer is a well-known American actor and businessman from the United States.

He is well-recognized for being the only child of Melanie Griffith and Steven Bauer. When he was only five years old, his parents divorced after almost eight years of marriage.

Alexander Bauer’s parents are well-known members of the entertainment world.

His mother is an accomplished actress who has starred in several motion pictures and television programs, including The Pirates of Somalia. His father is also an accomplished actor known for playing Manny Ribera in the 1983 movie Scarface.


  • Full Name: Alexander Bauer
  • Date Of Birth: August 22, 1985
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Nationality American
  • Profession Actor, Entrepreneur
  • Father’s Name: Steven Bauer
  • Mother’s Name: Melanie Griffith
  • Sibling(s): 4 (Don Bauer, Stella Banderas, Dakota Johnson, Dylan)
  • Net Worth $500,000

Early Life

Born in Los Angeles, California, on August 22, 1985, Alexander Bauer is a famous child. His father and mother are both movie producers and actresses.

Since he was a little child, Alexander Bauer has shared a special bond with his mother, Melanie Griffith. Melanie routinely updates her Instagram account with images of her son.

The three step-siblings of Alexander are Don Bauer, Stella Banderas, and Dakota Johnson. Stepsisters Dakota and Stella were born to his mother from her unions with stars Don Johnson and Antonio Banderas. Due to his father’s marriage to Ingrid Anderson, he has a stepbrother named Dylan.

His stepsister, Dakota Johnson, is another well-known actress best known for her work in the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

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Although we need to obtain information about Alexander Bauer’s educational background and credentials, he should be well-educated.

Melanie Griffith's son, Alexander Bauer


In addition to being an actor, Alexander is a businessman. But because he prefers to keep his private life private, only a little is known about his professional background.

Nevertheless, he has engaged in activities related to filmmaking. For instance, he worked as a co-writer and cinematographer on a few films, such as Kazoo’s On First (2013).

He also worked as a cameraman on the 2015 film This Loneliness and Holding. The American celebrity has established himself as an entrepreneur in addition to his job in the entertainment industry.

However, he hasn’t provided much information about his business endeavors.

Personal Life

Alexander Bauer is not yet married, and although coming from a well-known family, he has largely avoided the limelight.

Due to his lack of involvement on social media, the media hardly ever reports on his personal life.

Bauer is single and has neither a child nor a partner that he flaunts publicly.

Melanie Griffith's son, Alexander Bauer

Net Worth

According to certain websites, his net worth is predicted to be USD 500,000.

Similarly, he has been tight-lipped about his earnings and holdings.

Social Media

Alexander Bauer is inactive on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And he is the type of man who prefers to keep his personal life secret.

As a result, there is no more information regarding his social media profiles.

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