Sam McCallion was a remarkable individual who played a huge role in shaping the life of Hazel McCallion, the renowned Canadian businesswoman and politician.

Their love story began in 1951, and together, they created a lasting bond until Sam’s passing in 1997.

Early Life and Meeting Hazel

Sam McCallion’s journey started much before he met Hazel.

Born in an era of great change, he experienced the ups and downs of the 20th century.

Little did he know that his path would intertwine with that of a remarkable woman who would become his lifelong partner.

It was at an Anglican Church congregation in Toronto in 1951 that Sam first laid eyes on Hazel.

The connection they formed that day would shape their lives forever.

Hazel McCallion's ex-husband, All About Sam McCallion, Age, Net Worth, Death

Founding The Streetsville Booster

Before their foray into politics, Sam and Hazel embarked on a joint venture.

In 1964, they co-founded The Streetsville Booster, a publication that aimed to bring their community closer together.

The newspaper became a platform for highlighting local issues, celebrating achievements, and promoting unity.

Supporting Hazel’s Political Career

While Hazel McCallion’s political career took centre stage, Sam remained a steadfast supporter and pillar of strength.

He stood by her side as she faced victories and defeats, offering support.

Sam’s presence gave Hazel the encouragement and stability she needed to pursue her goals, ultimately becoming the longest-serving mayor in Mississauga’s history.

Hazel McCallion's ex-husband, All About Sam McCallion, Age, Net Worth, Death

Personal Life and Legacy

Beyond their professional endeavours, Sam and Hazel enjoyed a rich and fulfilling personal life. Their bond was built on love, trust, and shared experiences.

Together, they created a nurturing home environment and supported one another through life’s challenges.

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Sam’s love and devotion to Hazel were unmatched, even as he battled Alzheimer’s disease in his later years.

His death in 1997 left a void in Hazel’s life, but his legacy continues to inspire and uplift those who knew him.

Net Worth

Sam McCallion’s net worth was estimated to be $1.5 million.

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