David Moretta is more than just the husband of Canadian politician Danielle Smith.

With a successful business and a supportive role in his wife’s career, Moretta has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and a dedicated partner.

David Moretta’s Profession

David Moretta is a passionate businessman who has found success in various ventures. One notable business he operates is the Whistle Stop Cafe in the train car next to the Highwood Museum.

Moretta’s enthusiasm for his work is evident as he expresses his optimism and happiness in running this business.

He sees great potential in downtown High River and is determined to seize the opportunities that come his way.

Danielle Smith's husband, David Moretta

Marriage to Danielle Smith

David Moretta has been happily married to Canadian politician Danielle Smith for over seven years. Moretta’s commitment to their relationship is evident in their efforts to restore, rebuild, and relaunch their business.

David Moretta and Children

Although David Moretta and Danielle Smith have been married for several years, they do not have any known children.

Their focus on their respective careers and community involvement has led them to prioritize other aspects of their lives.

Their decision to not have children may be a personal choice that deserves respect and understanding.

Community Engagement

Aside from his business ventures, David Moretta is actively engaged in his community.

His commitment to downtown High River has not gone unnoticed, as he recognizes the immense potential for growth and development in the area.

Moretta’s dedication to revitalizing the town proves his love for his community and his desire to create a prosperous environment for all.

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Danielle Smith's husband, David Moretta

Social Media

  • Twitter: @DavidMoretta1
  • Instagram: @davidmoretta

David Moretta Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $3.33 Million.

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