Casting director Azja Pryor is a woman who has made a name for herself in the entertainment sector.

She is most known to the general public as the ex-wife of actor Chris Tucker, though. Azja started a new chapter of her life in Los Angeles after they broke up.

Azja and Chris have not spoken about the specifics of their breakup in the media or social media, so the public is still in the dark about the reasons behind their split.

Nevertheless, Azja has persevered in following her hobbies and has achieved success as a health coach despite any difficulties she may have encountered in her personal life.

She focuses on helping people lead better, more balanced lives via nutrition and exercise.

Although some people may only be familiar with Azja as Chris Tucker’s ex-wife, she has carved out a life for herself and developed a business unrelated to her ex.

She assists people in achieving their objectives and leading happier, more fulfilled lives through her work as a health coach.


Full Name: Azja Pryor
Born: 18 September 1978 (age 45 years old)
Place of Birth: Berkeley, California, USA
Nationality: American
Height: 1.62 m
Parents: Deborah B. Pryor
Siblings: Iman Joelle
Spouse: Chris Tucker (m. 1997–2003)
Boyfriend- Partner: Ludacris (2005-2006), Cherif A. Ndiaye
Children: Destin Christopher Tucker, Iman Ndiaye
Profession: Health coach, former casting director
Net Worth: $1 million

Early Life

Azja Pryor was born to Deborah B. Pryor and an unidentified father. Azja’s biological mother is Deborah B. Pryor, who is also reported to have a brother and a sister in addition to Azja.

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However, no specifics, like her name, age, or any other information, are known regarding Azja’s sister.

Despite being well-known and the mother of two kids, Azja Pryor’s paternity is still unknown to the wider world.

Pryor hasn’t made any official records or public declarations about the father of her kids.

However, there have been theories that Azja’s father might have been the late actor and comedian Richard Pryor, who was well-known for his stand-up humor and leading parts in successful movies like “Stir Crazy” and “Silver Streak.”

This rumor is mostly driven by the coincidence of Azja’s last name with Richard Pryor’s and the physical similarities between the two.

Despite these speculations, Azja and the Pryor family have not provided any solid proof or confirmation that Richard Pryor is, in fact, her birth father.

Therefore, the paternity of Azja Pryor is still a mystery until any new information is made available.

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Azja Pryor is a multi-talented person with notable success across several fields.

Her work as a well-known health coach, where she assisted people in leading healthier lifestyles and improving their general well-being, was one of her most significant accomplishments.

Azja Pryor gained notoriety in the entertainment business as a former casting director before beginning a career as a health coach.

Her talent management and selection abilities were critical to the success of different projects.

Much attention has also been paid to Azja Pryor’s private life, particularly her divorce from comedian and actor Chris Tucker.

The pair had a son named Destin Christopher Tucker and were married for six years, from 1997 until 2003. Azja Pryor assumed the position of a single mother when they divorced with unyielding bravery and resolve.

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Azja Pryor has overcome difficulties and hurdles thanks to her passion and unshakable commitment to her job.

She is a true example of tenacity and dedication, thanks to the many people inspired by her journey of self-discovery and quest for happiness.

Azja Pryor has committed her time and energy to several socially conscious projects in recent years.

She has been a vocal supporter of numerous groups dedicated to improving the welfare of animals and is a strong advocate for the education and welfare of poor children.

Chris Tucker's ex-wife, Azja Pryor Biography: Husband, Age, Net Worth, Height, Children

Personal life

Azja Pryor and Tucker previously shared a union. Before getting married in 1997, the pair dated each other for a while.

On September 13, 1998, they welcomed a son, Destin Christopher Tucker. Unfortunately, they divorced in 2003 after a short marriage.

Following the breakup, Christopher Brian Bridges, known as Ludacris, started dating Azja Pryor in 2005.

Famous American actor and rapper Ludacris. However, their union was brief and called it quits in 2006.

Cherif A Ndiaye, a Senegalese man, and Azja Pryor, Chris Tucker’s ex-wife, are a happy couple. Ndiaye, known by his friends and family as Adou Ndiaye or Aduman, is a life coach and personal trainer using the Instagram handle CoachCherif.

Net Worth

Azja Pryor is well-known in the entertainment business for her work as a productive casting director on numerous films and TV programs.

Her estimated net Worth, as of my knowledge, cutoff in 2021 is close to $1 million.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @loveazja
  • Facebook: Azja Pryor (Fit Mom Inc)

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